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With over 40 years of experience providing drain clearance and drain unblocking services in the West London area, it’s safe to say that our engineers have seen it all. And although we appreciate the work, we believe that as drainage experts we should educate the public on how to avoid damaging their systems. So… what are the most common causes for blocked drains?


Top Five Causes of Blocked Drains


Grease and Fat

We regularly receive emergency calls from restaurants and other commercial kitchens who are suffering from blocked drains. Usually this is down to cooking grease and fat building up in their systems. Our engineers carry out drain unblocking to sort out the main blockage, then drain clearance to get rid of any grease or fat that may have accumulated elsewhere in the system.


However, pouring grease and fat down the sink can also cause blockages in domestic draining systems. We recommend our West London customers let grease and fat in pots and pans cool before wiping it up with kitchen roll and binning it.



Build-up of hair often causes blocked drains. It can slow down your drainage system, meaning you need to invest in drain clearance services, or fully stop it from functioning.


To prevent you needing your drain unblocking as a result of hair build-up, we recommend that West London customers invest in a product which catches hair before it can go down the plug hole. It’s also worth inspecting your plug hole from time to time to see if hair is building up around and inside it.


Foreign Objects

This category covers everything from soaps to nappies, sanitary items to more miscellanea items. Kids’ toys are a regular offender! While foreign objects don’t always cause blocked drains straight off the bat, they can build up in a drainage system and eventually mean you require drain clearance or your drain unblocking.


We advise our West London customers to be careful when disposing of any foreign object down the toilet. You may think it’s an item that’s unlikely to cause any problems, but even seemingly innocent items can eventually cause blocked drains. If in doubt, bin it don’t flush it.



Although some toiletries profess to be flushable, many can still cause blocked drains. Baby wipes and toilet paper are still the two biggest offenders that our drain clearance experts encounter in West London callouts. While toilet paper is designed to be flushable, doing so in large quantities at a time can cause problematic blockages.


Remember to screen and consider anything you flush down the toilet. Baby wipes, for example, do not disperse in water. This means they often cause issues in drainage systems.


Leaves and Trees

Be careful when planting trees in your garden. Letting them take root near your drainage system could eventually mean they grow into your drainage system, where there are ample supplies of nurturance. This can cause tricky blockages and in some extreme cases even mean you have to call in a tree surgeon to uproot and move the tree in question.


A build-up of leaves can also lead to homeowners needing to pay for drain unblocking. So following rough weather, especially during autumn, be sure to keep your garden and drainage systems as free from leaves and debris as possible.


If you’re in West London and suffering from a blocked drain, call Candid Services on 0800 999 3825. We are the area’s leading family run drain unblocking and drain clearance firm.